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About Investments

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Your personal easyQROPS investment manager will give you advice on how best to invest your funds through your overseas pension or, you may have your own ideas about how and where you'd like your money to be placed, in which case we'll discuss the merits of an offshore pension, or QROPS pension to ensure that you are maximising your return. There are many placement options and you can rest assured that your advisor will ensure the best return for you through the various trusts, portfolios and investment platforms available. Some of the more usual investment options available are listed below, but be assured that many more are available:

  • Cash accounts.
  • Gilts and bonds.
  • Shares (equities).
  • Unit trusts, Investment trusts, OEICs, Exchange traded funds, etc.
  • Life Company Offshore Bonds
  • Investment Property
  • Discretionary Investments (where you have already decided on the investment allocation) 



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